1. Archaeology of Iran and Neighboring Regions
    • Commercial, political and cultural relations between Iran and neighboring regions
    • The Silk Road and Iran’s contribution to its development in historical and Islamic periods
    • Artistic interactions between Iran and neighboring regions
    • Archaeological excavations regarding Iran in neighboring regions
    • Trade of mineral goods and its routes between Iran and neighboring regions


  1. Persian Gulf Archaeology
    • Archaeology of Persian Gulf and neighboring regions
    • Persian Gulf through linguistics
    • Persian Gulf and archaeological finds
    • Persian Gulf and maritime archaeology


  1. Latest Archaeological Finds of Iran
    • Theoretical and field studies


  1. Fundamentals and Schools of Archaeology
    • Studies on schools of archaeology
    • New approaches to archaeological surveys and excavations


  1. Cultural Heritage Conservation
    • Evaluating site museums
    • Significance of landscape preservation regarding cultural sites and artifacts
    • Post-excavation conservation
    • Restoration of historical and ancient contexts
    • Artifact trafficking in archaeology


  1. Archaeology and Interdisciplinary Sciences
    • Incorporating interdisciplinary sciences in archaeology of Iran: challenges and approaches
    • Incorporating interdisciplinary sciences in interpretation of archaeological finds


  1. Archaeology and Rock Art
    • Public awareness towards rock art importance and preservation
    • Rock art and tourism
    • Inscriptions in rock art
    • Rock art of Iran and its connection to neighboring regions
    • Rock art and etymology
    • History of rock art studies in Iran and neighboring regions