Congress of Young Archaeologists came to life in 1379 SH. The idea was put forth by Dr. Hamid Fahimi and the first period, titled “Congress of Young Archaeologists of Iran” was held in Farvar-din of 1379 SH, due to his efforts and ICHTO. The second and third periods were held in years 1382 SH and 1385 SH with Shahram Zare, a student of the University of Tehran at the time, as its chairman in University of Tehran, faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, under the same title and with the support of Jahad.

After the third period, several years passed, until finally in the winter of 1391 SH, the idea rose again. Students of Archaeology in collaboration with the authorities in the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences took measures to make the Congress International. They invited several non-Iranian archaeologists, particularly young ones to build the international aspect of the Con-gress, which led to the first ever “International Congress of Young Archaeologists”, held with helps of many young archaeologists of University of Tehran, particularly Dr. Morteza Khanipour and Dr. Hossein Azizi Kharanaghi. In years 1394 and 1396 SH, the fifth and sixth periods of this Congress was carried out internationally by Dr. Khanipour and Dr. Reza Nasseri and other stu-dents of University of Tehran.

Since the very beginning, Congress of Young Archaeologists has set off to encourage many and each year truly tries to outdo itself. As mentioned the last three periods have been held interna-tionally, receiving works of young archaeologists in relation to Iran.